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 What’s the Style Challenge?

The Style Challenge is a first of its kind online styling program that gives you the tools you need to build your own capsule wardrobe. Our personal stylist creates the shopping list, you shop at your favorite stores and spend as much or as little as you want.  The pieces on your list are then combined into daily outfit ideas and sent right to your inbox to make getting dressed the easiest thing you’ll do all day!

Unlike box styling membership programs, we don’t charge recurring membership fees.  You only pay for the programs you want.

It’s the affordable way to have a personal stylist and it works for ALL ages, shapes and sizes!  Watch this video to learn more.

Featured Stylists Style Challenges

Personal Stylist
Style Challenges founder, mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict


Tools for Success
Step by step instructions and tools to build your capsule wardrobe. It’s the affordable way to have a personal stylist.



Sent to your inbox
Know what to wear every day! This makes getting dressed a no-brainer.


Five Star Reviews
Read our reviews and see what other challengers have to say about the simplicity and power of this life changing style program




Shop where you want and spend as much or as little as you want. Most women shop their closets first.
No recurring membership fees.  Sign up and pay for only the programs you want.
Easily create a capsule wardrobe.  Each piece is paired up in at least four different ways.
Each capsule builds upon the others so you’ll buy less and less over time, saving money.
At just $19-$39 it’s the affordable way to have a personal stylist.
Create easy go-to outfits for your lifestyle.  Never walk into your closet and wonder what to wear again.
Less “stuff”, more style.  Most women agree that they shop and spend LESS after doing the challenge.
Works for all ages, shapes and sizes.  YES, it really does!



Build Your Basics

If you’re starting your casual wardrobe from scratch, start with the SAHM Casual Wardrobe Basics Builder. You get a 20 piece/20 day casual capsule wardrobe builder for just $29.

Add in Trends

Already have some of your basics in place?  Then start with a Seasonal Style Challenge.  It’s the full style challenge experience and includes a list of trends to refresh your basics.  You also get dress it up and dress it down options for each day’s outfit for just $39 per season.

Work Your Work Wear

Make mornings a breeze!  If you’re a working girl our Work Wear Capsules give you office appropriate basics and fun trends to refresh your style for only $29.

Looking for more?  Check out all of our current available challenges.

Learn how to shop with a purpose

Shop with a purpose and gain confidence through easy “done for you” outfit formulas! Style Challenges can help anyone stuck in a style rut or in need of a style update.

Created by a stylist, through our programs you will discover what truly suits YOU, become empowered to take control of your style, develop a renewed sense of confidence and reinvent yourself.

Join the community and connect with women around the world! Most of our members are women who simply got caught up in the “busy-ness” of life, work and family.  Because they needed to focus on the needs of others and the demands of life, their own needs and personal style took a back-seat.

Style Challenges give you everything needed to shop smart and look stylish. You’ll know exactly what pieces you need to build a capsule wardrobe that works for most occasions, what the current trends are and how to choose things that fit your personal style and flatter your figure.  LEARN MORE >