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Meet Alison and Learn Why She Created the Style Challenge

Alison Helps Moms Find Their Style on Good Morning Texas

What Is The Style Challenge?

The Style Challenge is a program that gives you the tools to shop with a purpose and overcome the problem of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear!

The benefits of taking The Style Challenge are simple yet powerful:

  • Save Time

    Spend less time shopping, searching your closet and deciding what to wear each day.

  • Save Money

    Buy fewer pieces that you can mix-and-match to create looks for every occasion.

  • Feel Great

    Less anxiety about what to wear and how you look, more clothes you love and look good in!

The biggest benefit is the boost to your self-confidence and self-esteem you gain by wearing outfits that help you look and feel great.

What Is the Philosophy Behind The Style Challenge?

The Style Challenge teaches you to shop with a purpose and gain confidence through easy “done for you” outfit formulas. It’s about changing your relationship with your clothes, and through that, your relationship with yourself.

  • Find and Celebrate Your Unique Style

    You’re empowered to take risks and discover your own style, not just copy someone else’s.

  • Build a Capsule Wardrobe

    Learn what the essentials are for a flexible, functional wardrobe that works for most occasions.

  • Shop Smarter,
    Not Harder

    Shop for and buy only special pieces that you really need and love (and skip the rest).

It’s about changing lives, one outfit at a time, by empowering you to trust yourself to make your own choices about where to shop and what to wear. All you need is a little help from an online stylist.

  • You Pick the Pieces

  • Any Store or Brand

  • You Decide the Budget

By taking the challenge, you can end the cycle of always having to buy more things, but finding you still don’t have what you really need or want.

You will be able to apply the lessons learned from having an online stylist season after season, year-in and year-out for the rest of your life.

Who Can Benefit From The Style Challenge?

The Style Challenge can help anyone stuck in a style rut or in need of a style update. Most of our members are women who simply got caught up in the “busy-ness” of life, work and family.  Because they needed to focus on the needs of others and the demands of life, their own needs and personal style took a back seat.

Our members include women of every age and stage of life:

  • Young Women

    who want to update their student wardrobe as they start their careers

  • Busy Professionals

    who don’t have time for a fight with their closet each morning

  • Women Who Work From Home

    where it’s easy to get caught up in work and let style fall by the wayside

  • Stay-At-Home Moms

    who often dress more for utility than style because they have to

  • Mid-Lifers

    who aren’t sure what’s in but want to look stylish and age-appropriate

  • Empty Nesters

    who finally have time again to focus on themselves and want a fresh look

Some of our members are just stuck in the “yoga pants rut” like I was. Some need to rebuild their wardrobe after losing or gaining weight or having a baby.

Most are so busy they don’t have time for constant shopping or searching through their closet in frustration, trying to figure out what to wear.

All of them want to feel confident and good about how they look without spending a ton of time or money, and having an online stylist gives them that!

What You Get

The Style Challenge gives you everything you need to shop smart and look stylish. You will know exactly what pieces you need to build a capsule wardrobe that works for most occasions, what the current trends are and how to choose things that fit your personal style and flatter your figure.

  • Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

A printable list of the classic pieces and on-trend updates you need for a basic versatile wardrobe, with links to pieces you can buy.

  • An Outfit Idea Every Day for 21 Days

GYPO Fall 2016 Style Challenge sample outfit

Suggested combinations of the pieces on your shopping list emailed to you every day for 21 days to give you ideas and inspiration.

  • A Vibrant Community for Advice & Support

Style Challenge Chat

Swap tips, share ideas, make new friends and get feedback from others taking the same challenge in our active Facebook group.

Each new seasonal Style Challenge also includes special bonuses specific to that season, like special seasonal wardrobe shopping lists, gift cards and other giveaways!

What Other “Style Challengers” Say About the Experience

“I was so excited to work with Alison, she totally inspired me to ditch the pony tails and yoga pants and be a better version of myself! Plus I learned how to put together some great new styles! Every woman needs to partake in a GYPO style challenge… it will transform not only your appearance but your attitude as well!”

Kristen Hewitt
Kristen HewittFOX Sports Reporter and blogger at Mommy In Sports

“I can’t tell you how many ways the GYPO Style Challenges have had a positive impact on my life… it has been wonderful to have simple, on-trend, yet practical outfit formulas to follow that help me feel confident and pulled together… the women in the Facebook group are fun, positive, supportive and beautiful inside and out!”

Casey R.
Casey R.

“GYPO Style Challenges have taught me to be brave, take time for myself to dress intently each day and branch out in ways I just don’t imagine on my own… These challenges have transformed this plain-Jane into a put-together woman who has made a lot of wonderful supportive friends along the way. Thank you, Alison!”

Amy M.
Amy M.

“The style challenge allowed me to efficiently and cost effectively create a professional, attractive, age-appropriate wardrobe that my daughters and husband all love. I used to hate shopping and now that I know what to shop for, I can’t wait for the next season… I cannot recommend this process enough! It’s a game changer.”

Lisa M.
Lisa M.

“One of my friends recently asked me for help with her wardrobe because she said I’m the most fashionable person she knows. This would not be true if not for the GYPO Style Challenge! Thanks so much for the inspiration!”

Tiffany G.
Tiffany G.

“I am a work from my home mother of six kiddos. My routine was nothing short of sweats and t-shirts. Through these challenges, I’ve rediscovered that I’m pretty. I’ve put a portion of myself first and my entire family has noticed.”

Melissa S.
Melissa S.

“I participated in my first ever GYPO Style Challenge this past Spring and it has been aha-moment-amazing! Thank you for freeing me from over-shopping, and for providing such useful tools that allow me to have confidence when I get dressed each morning!”

Sharon A.
Sharon A.

“Through GYPO Style Challenges, I have learned to take fashion risks. Taking those risks has also built my confidence, which has reached outside of the fashion realm. I love the Facebook group with all of the encouraging women… Those online friendships have evolved into real life connections.”

Carrie C.
Carrie C.

“I was looking for style inspiration online when I stumbled across Get Your Pretty On. The challenge was a blast! I teach 5th grade and the first week of the challenge a student told me every day that I looked pretty. My husband even noticed! It’s been a great way to step up my fashion, and make new friends. Well done, Alison!”

Kelly R.
Kelly R.

“Since I have completed 6 challenges, I have about replaced my wardrobe. Who has noticed? All the women around me… We’re all late 50s to mid 70s so you can teach old dogs new tricks!… I gave credit to Alison Lumbatis, who has made me forever young. Cue Bob Dylan…”

Brenda H.
Brenda H.

“GYPO helped get me out of my rut (wearing the same clothes repeatedly, coordinating the same accessories over and over). Give me an easy­ to­ follow plan,  a checklist of what items I need (most of which I already own), and how to put them together­– this is GYPO to me.”

Amanda C.
Amanda C.

“GYPO Style Challenge has been such a fun learning experience for me… As the principal of an Early Childhood Center, it is important for me to always look my best. GYPO and the lovely ladies on the Facebook page have encouraged me to branch out and be confident. Thank you Alison!”

Audrey Z.
Audrey Z.

“Compliments from husband, family, friends and strangers are an unexpected pleasure. And I love and cannot imagine a day without the Facebook groups of GYPO pretties who have become such a community of friends. So happy to be a part of GYPO!”

Becky W.
Becky W.

“The biggest benefit I have received from doing the challenges is the ability mix and match various colors and patterns and feeling comfortable doing it… my self-esteem regarding my style has increased with the numerous comments I have received when posting on Facebook.”

Danielle M.
Danielle M.

What Does the Program Cost?

The cost for each Style Challenge is just $19-$49 — a fraction of the cost of your wardrobe, a personal stylist or another program that would leave you feeling like you are dependent on them to feel good about your clothing choices and your style.

The value of a program that gives you personal advice from an online stylist, empowers you to find your own style and feel good in whatever you’re wearing, where you are not beholden to any one person or brand and can shop anywhere you like, and through which you will meet some wonderful people who will cheer you on and support you every step of the way: PRICELESS.


Does The Style Challenge work for all body sizes and types?

Yes, we have participants of every size and shape. Because you are free to shop wherever you want, The Style Challenge works for everyone, whether you’re a petite, plus size, tall, apple, pear– whatever!

What kind of information is included in the Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List?

The Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List is much more than a generic list that tells you you need a coat, pair of pants or shirt. My list gives you not only the pieces you need, but the styling details that make it on-trend– things like color/pattern, fabric, length/cut/fit and more.

It is those details that often make the difference between something stylish and something dated, and I want you to know how to choose wisely.

Does the shopping list include plus size options?

Yes, plus size options are included for all items on the shopping list.

How much do I need to invest to get the pieces on the shopping list?

It’s entirely up to you. Most women shop their closets first, but you’re welcome to shop where you want and spend as much or as little as you want. Most of our members say they actually spend less on clothing after participating in challenges because they know exactly what to shop for and how to pair it up.

How is this different from other online styling services like Stitch Fix?

Most other online services like Stitch Fix are more a shopping service than a styling service. They are primarily selling clothes– styling advice is secondary. With them, your stylist selects and sends you pieces from the clothing lines, brands and sizes they carry (they typically do not offer plus sizes). Your choices are limited to what your stylist sends, and you have to pay their prices even if it’s more than you would pay if shopping on your own. You also have to wait for shipments to arrive and deal with the hassle of returning pieces you don’t want.

The Style Challenge is not a shopping service– I am all about empowering YOU to shop for yourself and develop your own style, not having someone do the shopping for you. With The Style Challenge, I am your online stylist and you are not limited to any store, brand or clothing line– you can choose from the entire universe of possibilities, even secondhand and consignment stores. Since you’re doing the shopping in person, you don’t have to deal with shipping and returns unless you want to take something back to the store.

By doing it yourself, you will build your confidence and self-esteem, which will have a positive impact on other areas of your life, and that’s really what I’m after. I want you to feel empowered and confident, not dependent on someone else to feel good about what you’re wearing.

Do you personally participate in the Facebook group and offer advice and tips there?

Yes, I check in often and offer tips, advice, suggestions and encouragement to the group. The group interaction is one of the best things about the program and it is a positive experience for me, too!

If I try it and find it’s not for me, can I get a refund?

Absolutely! When each Style Challenge launches, you will receive the capsule wardrobe shopping list and access to the first 7 days of outfit ideas immediately when you sign up.*

If you decide the program is not for you, you can request a full refund anytime before the cancellation deadline specified for that particular challenge (the deadline is just before the remaining outfit ideas are released).

Sorry, no refunds are available on past challenges because you have access to all of the information immediately upon signup.

*Please Note:  Because you receive free content upon sign up, our limit on refunds is three per customer.  After three, you will no longer be able to request a refund.

Are there other Style Challenges available besides the current season?

Yes! There are other GYPO Style Challenges (non-seasonal and past seasonal challenges now available at a discount), as well as challenges created by others.

There are also capsules and mini-capsules, which offer a smaller version of a full Style Challenge without Facebook group support.

Click here to learn more/sign up for any of the other available challenges.

How often do you create new Style Challenges?

There is a new GYPO Style Challenge for each season of every year– Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I also create other non-seasonal challenges for specialized wardrobe needs like work attire when enough people ask for them.

And I now also offer challenges created by other personal stylists, bloggers and online retailers to give you other style points of view and different types of capsule wardrobes– these are created at various times of the year.

When are the 2016 challenges scheduled to start?

Here are the dates for all challenges currently planned for 2016:

  • Spring – Registration opens March 24th, outfit ideas start April 10th
  • Summer – Registration opens May 26th, outfit ideas start June 12th
  • Fall – Registration opens September 16th, outfit ideas start October 3rd
  • Annual Membership – Registration opens November 25th
  • Winter – Registration opens December 2nd

Can I be notified when the next Style Challenge launches?

Absolutely! Click here to join our launch notification mailing list.

How can I make sure I always receive your emails?

The best way to ensure you receive our emails is to whitelist our email address,, in your email client. Here are step-by-step instructions for the most common email clients:

Apple iPhone / iPad
Open the email.
Tap the sender’s name in the From line.
On the next screen, tap Create New Contact.
Tap Done.

Microsoft Outlook 2013
Right-click on the email that you would like to add to your safe sender list
Hover over Junk and then click the option Never Block Sender.

Tap to open the email.
Tap the icon next to the email address.
Tap OK.

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Select Add to Contacts or Add to VIPs.

Click and drag the email into the Primary tab.
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Click Save.

Are You Ready to Love Your Look, Your Clothes and Yourself?

If you are ready to rebuild your wardrobe but don’t know where to start, are up for trying some new styles even if they are outside your comfort zone, and want to find your own style and learn how to choose on-trend pieces that look good and you feel good wearing, then The Style Challenge is a great choice for you.

An uplifting and affirming adventure in self-discovery (or rediscovery) with the help of your own personal online stylist and a supportive community of others doing the same thing are yours for the asking.

If you are ready to feel and look great every day and save time and money on shopping at the same time, click the button below– we can’t wait to welcome you as the newest member of The Style Challenge!

Hi, I’m Alison Lumbatis, a personal stylist, recovering yoga pants addict and the creator of the style website Get Your Pretty On. I believe that every woman should have access to great style and feel pretty. As a mom of three, I understand how hard it can sometimes be to find the time and motivation to get ready on a daily basis and take care of yourself while taking care of everyone else.

What I discovered is that it’s just as easy to put on a cute outfit as it is to put on yoga pants. All you need are the right wardrobe pieces and some easy go-to outfit combinations created from them. The GYPO Style Challenge gives you both.

Since I started the GYPO Style Challenge in 2014, over 10,000 women in 20 countries have rediscovered their style, regained their confidence and made new friends in our vibrant community.

I hope you will be the next one to join us! If you have any questions about the program, please contact us using the form below– we’ll be happy to tell you more.

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