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Alison Lumbatis Style Challenge

Homepage style challenge step one
START HERE for your first challenge with Style Challenges founder, Alison Lumbatis. Our new Casual Wardrobe Basics Capsule will have you looking stylish everyday.


Homepage style challenge step two
Take a Seasonal Style Challenge, it’s the perfect way to get your trends each season.


Homepage style challenge step three
Complete your everyday style with our chic range of Silk Scarves. Crafted by a talented Brooklyn-based artisan and proudly made in America, they are launching here soon!

Looking for more? View all our current challenges. Questions? Contact Alison.



Featured Stylists Style Challenges

Get Your Pretty On
Alison is a personal stylist, mom of 3 and recovering yoga pants addict.


Putting Me Together
Audrey makes great style easy, so every woman can look her best!


Health and Fitness Coach
Lauren helps you get stylish activewear that motivates you!


Style School KC
Kathleen is an Entrepreneur who helps busy women find balance.


About Style Challenges

Shop with a purpose and gain confidence through easy “done for you” outfit formulas! It’s about changing the relationship with your clothes and through that, your relationship with yourself. Style Challenges can help anyone stuck in a style rut or in need of a style update.

Created by fashion experts and respected stylists, through our programs you will discover what truly suits YOU, become empowered to take control of your style and your life, develop a renewed sense of confidence and reinvent yourself.

Join the community and connect with women around the world! Most of our members are women who simply got caught up in the “busy-ness” of life, work and family.  Because they needed to focus on the needs of others and the demands of life, their own needs and personal style took a back-seat.

Style Challenges give you everything needed to shop smart and look stylish. You’ll know exactly what pieces you need to build a capsule wardrobe that works for most occasions, what the current trends are and how to choose things that fit your personal style and flatter your figure.  LEARN MORE >