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One of the biggest questions we get asked around here is “How is the Style Challenge different from Stitch Fix?”  

It’s a legitimate question.  After all, the Style Challenge is a first of its kind online styling program.  There’s nothing out there quite like it so one of our favorite things to do is shout from the rooftops exactly how it works.

The biggest difference between box styling services like Stitch Fix and the Style Challenge is that we don’t send you the clothes. Maybe that sounds like a bad thing (and if it does, see #1 below!)

What we provide is a capsule wardrobe program that gives you all the tools you need to shop for and create your own outfits.  Much like a meal plan, we give you the ingredient list (shopping list), the recipes (daily outfit formulas) and you whip up the meals (outfits)!

Truth is, these two programs work beautifully together and here’s why:  the pieces you get in your monthly fix can be easily incorporated into the Style Challenge outfits.  So if you hate to shop, it’s a win/win!

style challenge vs. stitch fix

Style Challenge vs. Stitch Fix

#1 – We don’t provide the clothes – and that’s not a bad thing!

We give you the tools and skills to empower you to be able to shop for yourself.  You’ll learn how to “shop with a purpose” and walk into a store armed with a list of exactly what you need. No more wandering around not knowing what to buy. The list keeps you focused and you know that everything on it will work in multiple outfit formulas.

#2 – The Style Challenge is budget friendly.

At just $19-$39 per program, it’s an affordable way to have a personal stylist. Plus we always encourage you to shop your closet first, then fill in the blanks at the stores that fit your budget. You have total control over the quality and price of your clothing items. No overpriced pieces here!

#3 – Less “stuff”, more style.

With Style Challenges, you easily create a capsule wardrobe where each piece is paired up in at least four different ways.  Most women agree they shop less after participating in a few challenges. A curated closet of pieces you love (and wear) feels so much better than a cluttered mess of too much stuff.  We also give you the tools each season to easily clean out your closet and keep only what you love and wear.

#4 – Outfits that work for YOUR lifestyle

Let’s face it, if an outfit or item doesn’t work for your daily activities, you’re not going to wear it, right?  With the Style Challenge, you’re in the driver’s seat and get to pick out the pieces you know will work for your daily life.  The program also works for all ages, shapes and sizes. We have women from ages 25-65 that participate as well as petites to plus sizes.

#5 – The Style Challenge doesn’t charge recurring fees.

You sign up and pay for ONLY the programs you want.  No recurring membership fees. We do offer annual memberships so you can sign up for a full year of personal style at a deep discount (annual memberships are open November through March of each year).  But your credit card charges are always “one and done”.

#6 – We offer a safe, supportive community to explore your style.

Want to know a secret?  This is honestly THE best part!  Nothing compares to the Style Challenges community of Style Sisters who cheer each other on, share shopping tips and style advice and make real life friendships in our private Facebook group.  It’s hands-down the nicest place on the Internet!

Want to learn more about the experience?  Check our our five star reviews.  Ready to join?  Sign up now.

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