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Do you remember wearing Garanimals when you were a kid?

If you’re not familiar with it, Garanimals is a mix and match line of kids’ clothes started in 1972 that you can pair up with each other for “effortless kid style”.  Each item of clothing has a tag depicting an animal character.  To pair up the pieces in outfits, you just chose from other like animal tags.  The philosophy behind Garanimals was that by making it easy for kids to choose coordinated outfits by themselves (by choosing pieces with matching tags) they would gain self-confidence.

I have a funny story to share with you about Garanimals but first a question, do you remember what you wore on the first day of third grade?  I’m guessing no.

But I do!

You see back-to-school shopping was a HUGE DEAL in our house.  We weren’t exactly dirt poor but we lived on a very tight budget.  There were only two times of the year that I got to shop for clothes – Christmas and fall for back-to-school.

And back-to-school was the queen mother of shopping hauls!  Or at least it felt that way.

I’ll never forget anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Montgomery Ward fall catalog each year (we were Ward’s shoppers because that’s where we had the credit card).  I’d circle all of the pieces of clothing I wanted for the school year and try to create my own mini capsule wardrobe to get the most bang for my buck (see, it started at an early age!)

My mom would phone in the order and then we’d go shopping for my new pair of Nikes that would complete out my outfits (an even bigger deal, shoe shopping was just once a year).  Those Nikes had to sit in the closet until the day that school started and I swear those were the longest weeks of my kid life!

On my first day of third grade I paired up my purple Garanimals polo with my purple pinstriped jeans (remember pinstriped jeans?) and my new pink satin and suede Velcro strap Nikes.

Now THAT was a rockin’ outfit!  You can see why it was so memorable, right?

Garanimals sure do bring back some happy childhood memories.  So a few weeks back when a podcast interviewer referred to the Style Challenge as “Garanimals for Grown Ups”, I almost spit out my sweet tea!

Because A. I LOVE Garanimals (obviously) and B. I never really thought of the Style Challenge that way but it totally is!

Granted I don’t give you purple polos and pinstriped jeans (you can thank me later) but I do offer an easy solution to help you make the most of your budget and know what to pair up to create easy, stylish outfits.

More importantly, the Style Challenge helps you gain confidence through easy style – just like Garanimals did for my generation!

I’d love to have you join me for a Style Challenge.  You can browse all available challenges HERE.




Alison Lumbatis is the mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict behind the style blog Get Your Pretty On and the founder of  She wishes Garanimals made outfits for grown ups.