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I’m not gonna lie, I never set out to have the Style Challenge be about minimalism.

As a matter of fact, I had some pretty big misconceptions about what being a minimalist meant.  Like you had to have dirty hair and buy clothes at thrift shops, couldn’t eat meat and hugged trees, that it was boring and you didn’t get to have nice things. The problem with that is I love blow outs and new clothes and there’s nothing better than a perfectly grilled medium rare steak. While I do love trees, I rarely hug them. The one thing I’m ok with is a nice, boring life (boredom is far better than drama) but I also really, really like nice things.

Plus there’s this…just four short years ago I was pretty darn proud of the fact that I owned 75 pairs of shoes. What’s worse, I wore my bulging, bloated, distended mess of a closet like some badge of honor.  Stuffed full of things I never wore yet so proud of the fact that it was all mine.

Fast forward to my first true closet clean out.  I made a rule for myself that I could only keep what I actually wore and loved. I’ll never forget sitting on my bed crying when I was done, not because I was relieved to have it over, but because I was terrified by how little I actually had. Just two pairs of jeans, a few tops and sweaters and a pair of flats.

The true beauty of removing all of that “stuff” that was taking up space is that I was no longer distracted by it.

I could finally see what I truly had and also what I actually needed. That also coincided with my very first launch of the GYPO Style Challenge. My one saving grace was knowing that all I had to do was take my shopping list to the store, fill in the gaps in my wardrobe and I would have outfits. Each piece on my list could be paired up in at least 4-5 different ways.

Over the course of the past four years of Style Challenges, my closet has filled up and emptied out a few times.  I try to do a quarterly closet cleaning to make sure that I only keep what I’m still wearing and loving.  While I’m not a true minimalist, I am doing a lot better.

Having more stuff does not bring happiness, I find I’m most content when I have just a few things that I really love.

So that’s my goal now, to curate a closet of pieces that I love, that make me feel good when I wear them and that most importantly align with my values of “less stuff, more style”.

Are you willing to be an accidental minimalist with me? I’d love to have you join me for a Style Challenge. You can browse all available challenges HERE.




Alison Lumbatis is the mom of three and recovering yoga pants addict behind the style blog Get Your Pretty On and the founder of She enjoys a nice, boring life in north Dallas with her husband Craig, their three kids and their critters – a horse, two dogs, two cats and a lizard.