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alison lumbatis style challenges founder

Hi, I’m Alison Lumbatis, a personal stylist, recovering yoga pants addict and the creator of the style website Get Your Pretty On. I believe that every woman should have access to great style and feel pretty. As a mom of three, I understand how hard it can sometimes be to find the time and motivation to get ready on a daily basis and take care of yourself while taking care of everyone else.

What I discovered is that it’s just as easy to put on a cute outfit as it is to put on yoga pants. All you need are the right wardrobe pieces and some easy go-to outfit combinations created from them. Style Challenges give you both.
Since I started the first Style Challenge in 2014, over 10,000 women in 20 countries have rediscovered their style, regained their confidence and made new friends in our vibrant community.

I hope you will be the next one to join us! If you have any questions about the program, check out our FAQ’s. You can also contact us – we’ll be happy to tell you more.

Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

A printable list of the classic pieces and on-trend updates you need for a basic versatile wardrobe, with links to pieces you can buy.

An Outfit Idea Sent to Your Inbox Every Day

Suggested combinations of the pieces on your shopping list emailed to you every day to give you ideas and inspiration.

A Vibrant Supportive Community

Swap tips, share ideas, make new friends and get feedback from others taking the same challenge in our active Facebook group.

Special Bonuses

Each new seasonal Style Challenge also includes special bonuses specific to that season, like special seasonal wardrobe shopping lists, gift cards and other giveaways!

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Feel confident and look great in everything you wear, join one of our Style Challenges!

Learn to shop with a purpose and gain confidence through easy “done for you” outfit formulas. It’s about changing your relationship with your clothes and through that, your relationship with yourself.

By taking one of the challenges, you can end the cycle of always having to buy more things, but finding you still don’t have what you really need or want.

Style Challenges give you everything needed to shop smart and look stylish. You’ll know exactly what pieces you need to build a capsule wardrobe that works for most occasions, what the current trends are and how to choose things that fit your personal style and flatter your figure.

All you need is a little help from an online stylist!

Our online stylists provide the shopping list and show you exactly how to pair up the outfits. You pick the pieces and decide the budget. Most of our members shop their closets first.

Our goal is to empower you to take risks and discover your own unique style. You’ll get all the tools you need to build a capsule wardrobe of flexible, functional pieces that you can pair up in multiple ways.

If you’re ready to rebuild your wardrobe and try new styles outside of your comfort zone, we’d love to have you.