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Capsule Project Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe minimalist-wardrobe-challenge-sample-outfit

The Capsule Project Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

$49.00 $29.00


Join the Capsule Project Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge! Add your favorite pieces from those you already owned and loved to the new pieces from the Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List to create at least 10 bonus outfit combinations!

You’ll work together with Rosie on an exciting styling technology platform used by professional stylists to pair up your pieces virtually and create more looks you love, without having to take everything out, try it all on and change your clothes over and over again.

You will be able to save and print your new outfit ideas just like the ones you receive with the program so you can add them to your go-to outfits list.

This is a fun way to increase your outfit options by learning how to style as-you-go like a pro using pieces you already have!



Product Description

The Capsule Project Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge

Rosie Munger

Rosie Munger

Rosie Munger is a personal stylist, lawyer, aspiring sustainable designer and the creator of the style blog, The Capsule Project.

Hi, I’m Rosie Munger, a native Californian who used to have multiple closets stuffed to the gills with clothes, shoes and purses. I had enough clothes for ten people, yet never the right thing to wear. Like most people, I wore about 20% of my closet. Sound familiar?

I believe that every woman should feel confident in what she wears, and a solid foundational wardrobe is the key to success. As a busy professional with multiple side hustles and an active social life, I understand how hard it can be to figure out how to make your closet work for all aspects of your life.

What I discovered is that learning to mix and match the basics with your favorite personality pieces is the key to a wardrobe you’ll love. All you need are the right wardrobe fundamentals and some easy go-to outfit combinations created from them to get moving in the right direction.

The Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge gives you both.

I hope you will join us and see for yourself that you can actually own less clothing yet have more options you feel better about wearing!

The Capsule Project Fall 2016 Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge: $49


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