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Style School DIY Closet Course



The 90 Day DIY Closet Course is an online course that gives you the tools you need to make getting ready stress-free and fun again! The DIY Closet Course teaches you to shop with a plan so you have the mix-and-match pieces in your wardrobe to create outfits for any occasion with ease.

Over the 90 days of the course, you will also learn exactly what Kathleen teaches her clients: timeless tips that make getting ready stress-free and fun again – and you will see for yourself how a great capsule wardrobe can make you feel like a style pro!




Style School DIY Closet Course

Kathleen Watson

Kathleen Watson

Kathleen Watson is a Personal Style Coach and Entrepreneur from the Midwest who helps busy, bogged down women find balance. As a business-owning mom-on-the-go, Kathleen has helped hundreds of women (and a few men!) bring a fresh outlook to an out-of-balance, not-so-stylish life.

I’ve spent years carefully crafting coaching programs to help women of all shapes and sizes find their personal style and feel comfortable expressing themselves through fashion and self-care.

Through my business, Style School KC, I offer programs that provide personal styling services in-home and in-store in the Kansas City metro area, and online to women across the country.

I help my clients connect the dots and find solutions for their personal style, and my end goal is to help each woman I work with evolve to a balanced, stylish, dream version of themselves. My vision for helping women feel great has led to many wonderful connections and friendships.

I’ve built the DIY Closet Course to share my secrets while giving you the roadmap to craft a wardrobe and life you love. The 3 bonus videos take you straight through my coaching sessions, showing you exactly what I teach my clients in person.

By taking the DIY Closet Course, you can end the shop-return-shop again cycle once and for all, and your days of having too many clothes but nothing to wear will be over. My guidance on shopping and creating outfits is advice you can apply to your wardrobe for the rest of your life. You’ll truly get all of my practical solutions, directions and advice, plus peace of mind in your closet.

I’ve put my all into this program and would love to have you join!

Style School DIY Closet Course: $149

Challenge Includes

Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

A hearty shopping list jam-packed with 90 days’ worth of staples, activewear, accessories and more to get you through every season of the year (valued at $150).

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90 Days of Seasonless Outfit Ideas

A new, seasonless outfit suggestion, curated from the items in your capsule wardrobe shopping list, delivered right to your email inbox every day for 90 days.

Facebook support group fashion stylist

Supportive Facebook Group

Share tips, tricks, pics and ideas – and maybe win a free gift card! – while making friends, getting feedback and showing support for others taking the course in our private Facebook group.

Style School DIY Closet Course

Build a wardrobe that expresses your personal style and rediscover the fun in getting ready!

Style School DIY Closet: $149