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Our Reviews

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I can’t tell you how many ways the GYPO Style Challenges have had a positive impact on my life. As a mom of 3 little ones, it has been wonderful to have simple, on-trend, yet practical outfit formulas to follow that help me feel confident and pulled together. An added benefit I never, ever expected was the women I have “met” through these challenges via the Facebook group. They are fun, positive, supportive and beautiful inside and out! I would have never believed such a large, amazing group of women existed, but I am so proud to call them all my Style Sisters!

Casey R.

I was so excited to work with Alison, she totally inspired me to ditch the pony tails and yoga pants and be a better version of myself! Plus I learned how to put together some great new styles! Every woman needs to partake in a GYPO style challenge… it will transform not only your appearance but your attitude as well!

Kristen Hewitt

FOX Sports Reporter and blogger at Mommy In Sports

As a mother of five girls ranging in ages from 5 to 19 who works from home full time, I found myself in the same “yoga pants” rut as Alison. I always rationalized that how I looked from home didn’t matter. Also, I felt I didn’t have any time to shop for me after shopping for my entire family, and, honestly, I had no idea WHAT to buy. The style challenge allowed me to efficiently and cost effectively create a professional, attractive, age-appropriate wardrobe that my daughters and husband all love. I used to hate shopping and now that I know what to shop for….I can’t wait for the next season with “Get Your Pretty On” guidance. Also, with the Challenges, I am surrounded by a community of supporters who share merchandise reviews, sales findings, and constant encouragement. It’s like a family of personal shoppers at my fingertips. I cannot recommend this process enough! It’s a game changer.

Lisa M.

For a mom of little girls, who used to live exclusively in her uniform of big-box store blue jeans, yoga pants and more blue jeans, crossing paths with Alison was a godsend. What a lucky gal I am. GYPO Style Challenges have taught me to be brave (like wearing GOLD jewelry), take time for myself to dress intently each day and branch out in ways I just don’t imagine on my own (like wearing skirts, WHITE jeans and donning jewelry in general). What I never expected from the style challenge was the immense support from the community of fellow style challengers. These challenges have transformed this plain-Jane into a put-together woman who has made a lot of wonderful supportive friends along the way. Thank you, Alison!

Amy M.